Friday, November 18, 2011

How do YOU feel about internet censorship by our Government?

To be able to read this inforgraphic and understand better what is being proposed and how it could effect you, please click and check out the link to the actual graphic.

I posted what was available to be able to explain more clearly what is extremely possible, and close to passing because I am not well enough informed myself to be able to explain any of this myself. READ the infographic. WATCH the video. If you understand the magnitude of what passing these into law could REALLY do - do YOU want to go to jail for 5 years for singing along with a pop song in a video posted on Youtube or your FB page? -then sign the letter. Don't think it will be taken that far? Ask yourself how many 12year olds have been prosecuted for downloading a song? Don't like that Censorship black bar on the top of my post? Get used to it. It will be staying for a little while. And expect to start feeling the effects of real cenorship if Americans don't shut this bullshit down.  =)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17 - World Prematurity Day

My grandson, Aiden. 34 Week Preemie <3
Today, November 17th, is World Prematurity Day. A day dedicated to draw attention to and raise awareness of the dangers, causes and preventions of premature birth.

Learn more by checking out the official World Prematurity Day Facebook page or visiting