Saturday, January 2, 2010

New year - New goals

Ahhh yes, it's time again to make those annoying little resolutions. You know...those pesky little things that the vast majority of people are determined to abide by, and inevitably fail to accomplish. It really may just be me failing to reach the unreachable each year ( and beating myself up for it), but I don't think so. I firmly believe this "failure" happens because of the simple fact that people fail to keep goal setting reasonable, keep it simple. We fail to reach our goals because we failed to be reasonable to begin with.

For example....

  • Lose 341 2 weeks. Eating nothing but chocolate and baked goods.
  • Win the lottery....twice.Without playing once. 
  • Climb Mount Everest
  • Learn Ancient Greek...from a Greek God-like man.
  • Give 30 percent of all earnings to charitable causes.Earning a wing at the local hospital built in my name.
  • Spend every free moment doing good. Wearing a figure flattering costume for crusading and fighting crime.Look into getting a sidekick.
  • Convert to living 100% Green. Instantly.
Okay...yes, you got me. Im being dramatic. But you know where I'm coming from, yes? The end of the current year and impending beginning of the next just inspires such...such...HOPE! We see the new year coming, and are feeling this sense of potential...where we can renew and enrich our lives through planning and promise. Witness: the birth of RESOLUTIONS! So why not plan big? Why not set lofty and admirable goals for ourselves in the process...we are amazing people, we can do it!
Why not? Um...because we are going to be just as busy, just as overwhelmed just as caught up in LIFE tomorrow as we were all last year. Thats why. 

So. I've decided to take my potential and excitement up a different path this year. I'm actually going to tone things down...and expect something attainable from myself. Finally.  I don't know what anyone else has planned, but what I've got planned is listed below. Good luck to you all in the coming year and I wish you health and the happiness you all deserve.

My Reality...v.2010 
( reasonable resolutions!)

 Spend my time with my children more wisely individually and as a group. I am being honest when I tell you I am truly happiest when my kids make the choice to spend time with me voluntarily, and enjoy themselves in the process. I'd like to remember to choose more evenings of boardgames and interaction over movie nights and being together without interacting.

  Become more phsyically fit ( carry and use my water bottle constantly...put more natural color into my diet, take out most of the things that have been baked to a golden brown...get up and move ) Keep in mind, I'm coming from a place that was most recently shaped like this:

so honestly my goal is to feel more comfortable in my own skin...not  attain a particular number of pound loss. My "ideal" weight is 51 pounds less than my current weight. If, through changing my food choices and working some movement into my life I can lose 20-25 pounds, go me. If not, at least im making better choices and I will simply have to be satisfied that my significantly younger significant other still finds my roly poly bod sexy. Go me.

Make more responsible financial transactions. Stop buying stupid stuff. Period. I mean it.

Read 12 amazing books. One every month. Be picky...make it time well spent!

Go out of my way to be nice to at least one person daily...even to people who don't deserve it. They are probably the people who need it most. Its not too much trouble to tell someone to have a good day.

Get unpacked and organized. We moved here when I was 3 weeks post partum, and had most recently been on bedrest...and then rolled into chest pain and shortness of breath...then my granddaughter was born and came home...then the holidays. It's been a really busy month and a half. I have yet to unpack everything. Its annoying.

Learn a new skill or hobby. Take a class...learn from a friend...look up stuff online, who cares! Just learn something!



Michelle said...

I have read this as well - but it still makes me laugh! :-)

Michelle said...

This makes me crack up - and also gives me the answer that yes, your old blog is linked to your new one. :-)