Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My birthday wish

On November 21st I have the distinct pleasure ::::eyeroll:::: of turning 39. In lieu of gifts or cards I was hoping that the people closest ( and anyone interested in supporting this cause in my daughter's honor)  to me would be willing to make a small ( or large! ) donation on Causes.com's Alexander Disease page to the Stennis Foundation.

I made this online Wish event in honor of my daughter Brittany who suffers from AxD and a good friend's daughter who passed away at age three in March of this year after suffering horribly from AxD. I have met so many AMAZING families in our effort to gain emotional support and raise awareness. This is my tribute to ALL of them. Please join the Cause - do a few short activities to raise a bit of money for the cause - and donate if you are able

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