Saturday, October 29, 2011

To a Child...

I just posted this on my facebook page, but thought Id post it here as well because I haven't posted in a while because a couple of people have basically ruined blogging for me - and because I wanted the opportunity to have it posted someplace that it would endure, not just slip away on my news feed. 
As inspirational and sappy as this little film is - it also serves a purpose. It's easy to forget the simple, truthful message in it - daily life is busy and we, as adults, have a lot on our plates to contend with.

I also wanted to take a moment to point out another detail. I  have a kid with a fatal illness - but as in all situations, I am luckier than some. Luckier than most, I've come across in this disease, as I have discovered. Someday when I am old and grey, if I haven't taken the time to fully enjoy and experience what my kids have to offer, I only have myself to blame.
Nick's mom and dad, Hailey's mom and dad and Georgie's mom and dad have had that potential taken from them by Alexander Disease. Anaya's mom has been robbed by Krabbe Leukodystrophy.

If you can even grasp the enormity of this, please watch the video and remember it's message.

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