Friday, June 3, 2011


Well, contrary to my plans, and previous blog - I have been failing at getting my blog (or anything else) organized.As a result,  I've also failed at the McBlogger experience.I've focused on getting the word out on the July fundraiser - and trying to figure out what exactly I plan on us doing for Leukodystrophy Day in September.  Plenty of time to plan you say? Sure, sure - if you have ANY idea what the Hell you're doing, which I do not. I am starting to think, in order to take some pressure off, that the walk we were planning on hosting, may end up being a very unorganized, personal sort of thing. Maybe get some friends and family together and have our walk, followed by a lunch at our house. The reason for all of this, is that while I've had a great ( and inspiring ) time working on the pancake fundraiser - it has wiped me out. I feel like quite the pathetic failure to admit that, but it's true. I didn't take into consideration the impact  "going public" with Brittany's illness was going to have upon me. It's been impossible to keep my blinders closed on the nature of her illness while trying to educate others on it and make them aware of her in general. It's been impossible to NOT be affected by other people's children suffering from this disease while trying to make sure their faces and stories are known along with Brittany's. We've been offered an amazing service by a friend of a friend, and the only thing holding that up is that I need to get certain pieces of info to him - and I've only been able to get a little together, because it tore me up. So Kayleigh, if you read this, please be assured I WILL get you what you need - it's just slow moving right now.
We had a bit of an issue last week that upset me quite a bit, in regards to Brit's health. It was actually more in regards to her care that the problem ocurred. In an effort to not double journal it feel free to take a peek here and catch up.
So basically, I need a small break, and that's what I plan on doing for the weekend. One more yard sale ( if I get around to it ) on Saturday, and Sunday a BBQ with my family unit to celebrate the weather and Zac's new second job.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and HOPEFULLY Monday I will be back in the swing of things and ready for action. Next week holds more docs visits for poor Zac's back and a nurse visit for Reagan's lead poisoning.