Monday, May 23, 2011

Organization of this here blog

When giving consideration to this lovely blog of mine, I was thinking that maybe I should adapt some sort of "formula" to inspire me, keep me on track sort of thing. 

 You know what I'm talking about.

Monday = "witty catchphrase Monday"
Tuesday = "Witty catchphrase Tuesday"
etc, etc.

My problem is, Id like to be somewhat original , creative and maybe a little witty in my choices.

So  far I've come up with the following:

McBloggery Monday! ( Mondays are the day submissions to each weeks McBloggery are due, so I will be posting Mondays blog with w/e title the group has come up withh and run with it )
Totally Terrible Tuesday!
Winey Wednesday! (I get cranked up on a nice bottle of red and start blogging)
Thankful Thursday! (I bore -uh - regale you all with how thankful I am for some particular thing that day. I predict this one will be preachy.)
Family Interview Friday! ( I will prepare some original, interesting questions for one or more members of my family - even I will run out of family members at some point - and may move on to volunteer families. Just a way to get to know everyone!)
Socially Responsible Saturday! (Editorial where I bring forth a worthy cause, tell you about my families efforts to make a difference in something or anything along these lines )
Substitution Sunday! ( Maybe a guest blogger will take over! )

I think it's fair to say I ran out of ideas.  Tuesday and Wednesday ( and maybe Sunday, I dunno ) are still free ( and you thought I was really going to drunk-blog on Weds! Shame on you for thinking I have the funds to get drunk once a week! ). Id really like some blogger/reader interaction here. Since you all failed miserably yesterday with my camera question, I expect - demand really- participation!

If you have ANY suggestions for the two mentioned unnamed days, please contribute via "Comments". 
Today, of course, is Bonus Monday - where I blog twice. Now, and my McBloggery entry. Please feel free to check out the group page and "like" it on FB. EVERYONE is welcome - and I'd love to see how YOU take each weeks given topic and what you make of it! While today is probably short notice for you to participate, you can deifintantly sit back and watch the process for the first week and start fresh with the new topic listed tomorrow. OR If you are super blogger, or just inspired, Hell, go ahead and contribute**!

See you later Alligator!

** All submissions to McBloggery are to be your own work that you are wiling to share with the group ( via posting a link on the page when ready, no later than Monday evening of each given week ) and MUST follow the following rules:
All participation on the "Wall" of the group MUST be respectful, courteous, free of vulgarity, discrimination, harassment, or disrespect of ANY kind directed toward ANYONE. Content of blogs is completely unrestricted in content as long as the respectful nature of our group is honored. In other words, keep your comments on the wall clean and type whatever you want in your blogs. It is, afterall, all about the creative process. With that in mind, don't be a dick. Be kind to those in the group  and free of lack of human kindness. Use any language you desire (God knows, I will) but dont be abusive. We are about creativity, working with words and expressing ourselves. Not abuse. Happy Blogging!



Angela said...

TIRED Tuesday. Cant believe I didnt think of it until now.

Michelle said...

I LOVE it!! :-) I am laughing my ass off right now!! :-)