Sunday, May 22, 2011

I was going to try not to post today... that you'd all think that my family was the only one to Raptureate-up-to-the-pearly-gates...
But y'all know me too well.I wouldn't have made the cut. So, we're all still here. Or as my daughter, Kaylee put it on her FB status:

"Woke up alive this morning

Winning!" I am, posting my little heart out about literally nothing at all. Since I appear to have nothing of value to tell you today, I will instead pose a question.
Memories, including photos, have become very important to me recently. I would like to take a little informal poll ( hopefully more than 2 people will read this!) about simple to use, but really decent quality digital cameras. In short, I'm broke,photographically ungifted and need to replace my camera for important memory making and archiving purposes.
Anyone have suggestions on equipment? Feel free to comment your choices and reasoning - I'd love to hear your opinions!

Have a great upcoming week!

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