Friday, May 20, 2011

Everybody's Workin For the Weekend!

Ahhh Friday. I simply love Fridays. Why, you ask? Afterall, I AM a HQ Based Domestic stay at home mother, so wouldn't it stand to reason that I should Love ( with a capital "L" ) Mondays? Heck, no. Mondays are for less dedicated domesticians. Mondays are for maternal units with lack of direction. Mondays are for...well...wussies. Fridays present a challenge. How WILL we be filling our time on a limited budget, restricted vehicle status ( we own a very lovely 2006 Tundra - yes a small pick up truck. With 10 children. Period. ) and siblings that tend to...oh, what's a good word for it? Bicker. Yes, let's go with bicker. I am trying to break you in gently obviously.No need to frighten you with dark frightening tales before I hook you into liking me. A little. 

How DO we spend our weekends? Quietly. Other than the bickering, I mean. We are homebodies. Not always by choice, I admit, but overall we like lazy weekends. Some of us will cook together, we read, we garden together, we play games, we take the dogs for walks, we draw, we spend time. Together. Okay you got me. I like Fridays because I'm sorta lazy and I like spending time with my family.
This weekend holds the exciting promise of a yard sale. Maybe. Fingers crossed. This is New England and well the weather....if you've been to New England you know exactly what I'm saying. Our atmosphere goes through more changes in a day than Elizabeth Taylor went through husbands. Or the Octomom went through diapers. That, my blog reading A LOT. Oh, and like I said, I'm fairly lazy. So...I'll let you know how that "yard sale" idea goes over on Monday. We also have a Family Meeting planned for Saturday - so that will be fun. You ever try to get 10 kids to agree to, compromise on, like or even LOOK at the same thing all at the same time? Yeah - "fun". Lot's of good stuff on the agenda for the meeting. 
  • Summer fun brainstorming ideas
  • Ways we are all going to attempt to curb the electric monster- er- bill
  • Dinner menu brainstorming ideas ( I'm sick of cooking the SAME things over and over again )
  • Chore Assignments (you don't even want to be here for that one. Hell, I don't even want to be here for that one.)
  • Fathers Day planning ideas
  • I'm going to propose a Summer Reading Program at home, as well through the Public Library - this one is "ok" - I am raising a bunch of reading freaks. 
  • A fundraiser. Yeap- we are about to embark on our first fundraiser revolving around my daughter's illness and the fact that me staying home with her and 4 babies under two is straining our budget. Profusely. Add to that little tidbit that we will most likely be embarking on travel expenses with her medical treatment, we have NO savings and that Brittany cannot get affordable life insurance because she has had a fatal illness diagnosis since she was 14. Yup, Im one of "THOSE" mothers that never purchased each kid life insurance. It's morbid. Oh, and can be important. So I do recommend you check into it, if you haven't. I wish I had. Not because I want to profit off of my child's death - obviously. But because she has a 17 month old and a 4 month old that aren't going to have any support after her death. 
Not really sure how the fundraising issue is going to go over with the kids. But a good friend of mine, that I've never met ( we'll get into that in another post ) has insisted, out of the goodness of her heart, that she is going to host a Flap Jack Breakfast Fundraiser for us at our local Applebees in July. She has some misguided impression that A) It takes money to raise a family and pay da bills and B) That we are struggling. She's a pretty smart cookie, in my opinion. And generous. And amazing.We'll get into that in another post too. So, if you haven't guessed - the light hearted sarcasm and joking is pretty much (failing to) cover up the embarrassment and sadness that comes with needing a fundraiser to be thrown for your family. We are using the opportunity to promote awareness of Alexander Disease as well, so it's not all about the money. Her disease has affected approximately 500 people since it was identified - in 1949. So let's just say it's sort of rare. Please feel free to locate my list of links and read about it at will. It's not pretty. She has the Juvenile Onset form of the disease, which is "better" than the Infantile Onset. Better, meaning it's slower progressing and lets you live longer. Like all the way into your 20's - and sometimes your 30's. Brit is going to be 21 in October. That is about all I'm prepared to blog about that for now. Please do go visit the links. The one for The Alexander Disease Awareness Network is one I created recently. It's pretty amateurish and I may move all the content over to Blogger at some point, but who knows. It, like everything I have my hand in, as you will soon learn - is a work in progress. 
So, being lazy, figuring out a "mission statement" for this blog and a weekly content list as well as designing a flyer promoting AxD Awareness and my daughter in general for pre-fundraising handouts is my weekend agenda. oh, and that blasted yard sale. 
Come onnnn, rain!

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