Saturday, August 6, 2011

My day started of badly...Here is my "Happy Place"...

Wyatt Landon - 8 mos old - August 2011

Sister Time

My granddaughter, Izzy - August 2011

Reagan 8-2011


Wyatt 8-2011

Aiden and Wyatt, 8 mos - August 2011


Wyatt, trying to get in on Jake's beyblade action

Fall asleep in your swing and your 2 year old sister  MIGHT wax your legs.

The door that captivated Rylie.

Styx 8-6-2011

Izzy and Reagan getting some lovins

Grammy is a slow cook, Izzy - sorry!

York's Wild Animal Kingdom 2009

This is called "rototilling" . uh -huh.

UNH Dairy Barn Day 2010

Daddy and Reagan (4 days old) 2009

Proud Daddy 2009

Daddy and his girl 2011

...and his boy 2011

Christmas morning 2010 - BB Gun. Zac and Jake

Zac and Wyatt Dec.2010

Christmas morning 2010

Zac and his brother Collin - My kiddos and our neighbor 2009

Kaylee, Reagan, Zac and Kelsey - reag's first time sledding

My Grandson, Aiden 2011

Whipped cream fight

Me and the bestie =)

me and the bestie....1990

My two best friends - our birthday party 2007 (?)

You KNOW I love younger men, right?

This one will be a senior this year...and leaving me before I know it

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Kelsey's Graduation June 2011

Kelsey and her dad....yup it made me cry. And him. AND her, too. <3


Kaylee and Betsy

Kaylee and Kelsey

Triple trouble

Zac and Kelsey on her graduation day

Kelsey and I

Kaylee and Nicole

cutest grandson ever.


Emmy, Reagan and Jake

Reagan and Rylie


Daddy and Wyatt



My boys

My oldest and youngest daughters

I love this picture.

Someday, pictures like these will hold me together - or rip me apart.

When I woke up this morning Zac hadn't made it bac from work yet and for some reason I was caught up in some thoughts that started tears - They stopped eventually, but the thoughts nagged at me a bit.So I decided to give myself a little gift. Here, in pictures is why my heart is just so damned full.

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Anonymous said...

Reagan is so photogenic - as are all of your kids. :-) But, every so often you will post a pic of her. She will look so serious. It's almost like a "Fuck you" face. I find it hysterical. - Michelle