Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fundraiser and stuff

Two days until the first ever fundraiser for Team Brittany. I am terrified that no one will show up, and more than the financial burden we are trying to ease, I worry about what a lack of show of support will do to Brit's heart. Or mine, I guess. I have been uplifted and incredibly cheered by the show of support everyone we know - and a whole bunch of people we DON'T know has been showing. Donated items, ladies baking goodies, people taking time from their own families to assist's been a real boost to my sense of community.
I am trying to find as many opportunities to pay it forward to people that could use it. It feels good to know that no matter how small a gesture, I can do SOMETHING to ease someone's burden, even if only for a day. I wish I could do more.

I've gotten extremely lucky that things work out as they do. The date of the event being this Sat means that through some unrelated events that have occurred, I get the distinct pleasure of my BFF since 1st grade         ( that's 32 years, people.....which upon reflection, is longer than my other half has even been alive. Weird.) being able to attend. Her visit from AZ, where she moved 3 years ago has been extended and now get the shoulder to lean on for Sat =)  I literally cannot tell you what this means to me - and Brit - and will now stop thinking about it before my emo, blubbery ass short circuits my keyboard =) I love you Dee! If my other BFF could be here from TX, things would be complete ! ( It's ok Herb, I understand its a long trip for pancakes!! You will be there in spirit !).
Birthday shots - cheers!

Alright - we hope to see you Sat. Back to the salt mines...I have a house that isn't cleaning itself =)

New Years Eve, perfect night for a whipped cream fight

Apparently, I lost.
That's okay though...cause I can feel better by posting this bad boy.

My best friend in the world =)

Back in the day...when we were still young



The good thing about birthdays within a week of each other? Parties =)

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