Monday, July 25, 2011

In case you've been living under a rock...

I thought I'd remind everyone that my oldest daughter Brittany, has an incurable,rare, fatal, plain old pain in the ass disease. One of the ways we are raising awareness of this disease is to have a gift shop, a blog, a FB, a name it, we have it. Anyway- is the site where I built the gift shop - and when I went to open a new shop yesterday for a different project ( Please check out T.E.A.M. Owen by clicking the gorgeous face of Owen Bassi, over there to the right !)

so, where was I? oh yes...when I went to check out the new shop making process, it became apparent that they had revamped the joint and no longer created the very basic, quasi ugly , harder to use shops that I had used to make TEAM BRITTANY's. Rather than be left in the dust , I quickly ( which for me, translates to my usual turtle speed getting a small, short lasting turbo boost ) decided to replace the old shop with this new shop. The shop is not done, nor is the webpage I'm creating at Team Brittany's home online - but I am unleashing this link on you now so that I can delete the old, quasi ugly store. There are many more, very cool items in the new shop....iPhone covers, iPod covers, Flip Video Cameras, Thermos products, Stainless Steel water bottles, Notecards, posters...and Much much more! All of these lovely items are emblazoned with the TEAM BRITTANY logo, and not only would financially help our struggle, but are amazing ways to help us bring awareness to Alexander Disease. I get a funny, warm, squishy feeling in my tummy...heart...gallbladder ( I'm not a doctor, ok!?) when I think about how many times someone could be asked "Hey cool Flip! Uhh....What's TEAM BRITTANY?", forcing someone to tell Brit's story and explain that Alexander Disease is a super rare, incurable, progressive,fatal brain disease. One person MAY be inclined to either go home and google TEAM BRITTANY ( which may or may not garner results lol ) or, more importantly they may google, bing, whatever - Alexander Disease.  This is important to me. It's important to Brittany. When a disease has only had about 400 to 500 sufferers - and please, PLEASE be assured that when I says "sufferers", I am in no way, shape, or form being dramatic - then getting the word out on what is killing my kid, really makes me happy. And sad. I'll take that sad - it's productive.

In short.....check out the store, buy something, send someone the link or post it on your social network. Just help me inspire someone to ask and learn about Brit or Alexander Disease.

I didn't really expect this post to take this sappy turn, and now I'm crying. Hope you are happy, now! ;)

(The fundraiser- you know, the one I cried at ALL morning last Saturday- yeah, that one- the blog is coming soon, hopefully today...stay tuned =)

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Anonymous said...

Not Happy at all... Sad with you Ang.... Bret~